Introducing TIBreview: an Automated Quality Code Review Tool for TIBCO BusinessWorks 6

After having introduced reactiveWM, a framework for implementing reactive designs on webMethods, I would like this time introduce another development of mine based on TIBCO: TIBreview.

This project is an automated quality code review tool for TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 projects. In a nutshell TIBreview is based on an extensible and configurable engine for running automated rules in XPath or Java. At the end of an automated check, it can generate a report in a CSV or a PMD format (directly integrable in Jenkins or Sonar).

So far, TIBreview is capable to analyze two types of BusinessWorks assets: processes and resources. For the first release, about 50 automated rules have been implemented:

  • Checking forbidden activities: Checkpoint, Copy File etc…

Because each context is unique, it is also possible to quickly enable/disable rules and to easily implement new ones. So if you are interested to do it because you developed, for instance, your specific BusinessWorks framework, you should give it a try. TIBreview can be used during developments (manually triggered by a develop for example) or in the scope of a continuous integration process.

For more information, check out the Github page:

Last but not least, if you are interested in working on the project, please let me know 😉

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